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Join us at the 2021 virtual conference for UV/EB curing technology

The two-day online experience will address the future of radiation curing, examine new and emerging trends and innovations, and take a close look at new applications of UV/EB curing. Our experts will present on the latest research, current developments and innovations in the field of UV/EB curing.

An exciting lineup of technical presentations

Tuesday, October 19
  • Deep Matte and Soft Touch Coatings via Excimer Curing: Monomers and Oligomers Selection Guide, Dr. Xavier Drujon
  • Dielectric Performance of UV-Curable Chemistries for Conformal Coatings, Dr. Neal Pfeiffenberger
Wednesday, October 20
  • High performance (Meth)acrylic resins for 3D Printing, Dr. Noemi Feillée
  • Strategies towards reduced migration potential in Graphic Arts, Kevin Demoulin
  • A new Liquid Thioxanthone Photoinitiator for LED curing, Dr. Richard Plenderleith
  • Unique label friendly high performance methacrylates solutions for consumer and industrial applications, Dr. Liza Marasinghe
  • Structured Urethane Acrylates and The Use of Controlled Polymer Architecture to tailor material properties, Dr. Donald Herr


Discover some of our latest innovations

Structured Urethane Acrylates (SUA) are a new class of acrylated urethane oligomers that expand the properties which can be obtained in cured materials vs. traditional urethane acrylate resins. 

Resins to enhance dielectric conformal coatings, which are thin transparent polymeric coatings applied to the surface of printed circuit boards and other electronic components. These resins provide performance advantages including protection from the end-use environment, corrosion resistance and improved mechanical support.

LED-curable liquid thioxanthone photoinitiator that is easier to add to formulations and provides better solubility than traditional solid photoinitiators.  

Acrylate monomers and oligomers for UV/LED/EB excimer curable coatings. These high-performance materials are ideal for automotive, construction, flooring and other consumer goods applications. Performance advantages of this excimer technology includes special surface effects such as ultra-gloss or matte effect.

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