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Centers of Excellence
Dedicated to UV-curable 3D printing

Our 3D Printing Centers of Excellence, dedicated to UV-curable 3D printing, are located in Exton, PA, USA, and Verneuil, France.

These advanced R&D labs provide Arkema and its partners a collaborative space to perform innovative material research and develop custom resins designed for high performance end-applications. 


Americas - Exton, PA, USA

Offering a collaborative space for chemists and application engineers to work together to solve unmet material challenges of the industry and an innovation hub for partnerships and joint project work
  • Dedicated wet chemistry labs for synthesis of new materials and formulation studies
  • Advanced analytical and thermo-mechanical testing equipment allowing robust materials characterization
  • Capability to address technical needs ranging from new molecules to customer-end uses
  • Suite of 3D printers of major photocure technologies (SLA, DLP, MJP) to support customer projects and use as development tool

Europe - Verneuil, France

  • Foster collaborations with partners in Europe

  • Solve additive manufacturing material challenges 

  • Leveraging strong synthesis, analytical and formulation capabilities

  • Test material performance

  • Develop high performance materials for a wide variety of applications and industries



Applications Development Center
Broader expertise and formulation support

In December of 2020, Arkema acquired Colorado Photopolymer Solutions (CPS), a company with strong technical expertise in photopolymer formulation. CPS’s recognized expertise in formulation and materials design, supported by strong innovation capabilities, will enable Sartomer to further support its customers and partners through an integrated offering of customized and formulated additive manufacturing solutions. 

Boulder, CO

Offering our customers broader expertise and state of the art formulation and material development

  • Specializing in custom formulation and materials development support

  • Capabilities for small scale manufacturing of formulated resins

  • Library of in-house, cutting edge 3D printing hardware

  • Access to new chemistries in 3D printing resin development

  • Enabling faster product development cycle and time to market


Collaborative innovation and partnerships

Converting new applications to 3D Printing requires close collaboration with formulators, machine manufacturers, software editors and end users. Arkema is committed to collaborating with innovative companies and start-ups all along the value chain to enable the adoption of 3D printing in functional uses for mass manufacturing.

Genera Logo.png

Partnering to bring 3D-printed personalized eyewear to the consumer goods market, with a solution offering unmatched personalization, improved comfort and functional mechanical properties to complement the wearer’s style and preferences. 

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Designing custom formulations built for Rapid Shape’s open platform DLP systems for precise modelling to high-volume industrial applications.


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raplas logo.png

Partnering with Raplas to develop and supply fully formulated resins for use in Raplas large format SLA printers

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Collaborating with BCN3D, a 3D printing solutions manufacturer, to co-develop custom materials for BCN3D VLM™ (Viscous Lithography Manufacturing) technology

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Partnering with Carbon to help scale new materials across numerous customer applications

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Continuous Composites’ CF3D® technology and N3xtDimension® partner for UV-curable 3D printing of next generation composite materials

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Collaborating with Desktop Metal, Inc. (NYSE: DM), a global leader in additive manufacturing technologies for mass production of metal, polymer, foam and more, to develop best in class 3D printed elastomeric and dental materials. 

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Collaborating with Paxis, a 3D printing innovator, to co- develop custom materials for Paxis’ WAV™ (Wave Applied Voxel) additive manufacturing process technology

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Arkema is a historic partner for 3D printing pioneers. Our 3D Printing Center of Excellences deepen our support of the visionaries working to develop innovative 3D printed materials.

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