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Arkema worldwide

Our innovative products significantly boost the benefits of EB curing by enhancing properties such as:

  • High gloss

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Deep penetration

  • High-speed processing

Supporting your projects

We can provide a unique service offering to help prospective customers perform feasibility studies in our lab. We combine deep know-how in (meth)acrylate chemistry with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, to help you enhance the performance of EB curing in your existing applications, or test and develop proof of concept of new ideas.

Our lab service :

  • EBLab machine from 80 to 200 keV, format A4 up to 30m/min

  • Formulation lab and access to the whole Sartomer® product portfolio

  • Technical support

  • Chemical and physical characterization on site

Learn about the benefits of EB curing 


The addition of the EB lab units is part of our dedication to working with our customers to find the best and most efficient curing systems. It is a promising technology that enables high-quality finished products, and we’re excited to offer customers the ability to expand their range of applications and give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.