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A new adhesion promoting oligomer acrylate


  • Good adhesion properties to a wide range of plastic substrates
  • Superior cure response both with UV and LED lamps
  • Excellent hardness
  • Minimized contamination and reaction by-products


  • PRO22019 is an improved purity polyester acrylate designed to be used as main carrier or co-resin in pigment concentrates for offset inks
  • Minimum yellowing and relatively low viscosity level make it ideally suited for liquid ink systems and varnishes
  • Full compliance towards existing packaging regulations broadens the scope of usage to include indirect food contact applications


  • Rigid and flexible plastic substrates 
  • Food packaging compliant 
PRO22019 typical properties  Value
Viscosity 2,2 Pa.s @50°C
Tg 36°C
Elongation at break  1,5%
Young modulus 500 MPa


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