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Arkema worldwide

The site makes it easy for users to discover global market solutions, innovations, sustainability strategy, as well as specialty resins, photoinitiators and additives product lines. Visitors can navigate deeper into products and resources within new regional hubs, with access to the latest generation of product finder tools.

These new product finders, available now across all three regions, are exclusive online product search and sampling tools that help formulators and chemists evaluate the best materials for their applications. They offer exceptionally advanced technical, application, and performance selection features, and then a thorough product comparison, to support innovation. The regional hubs also contain a large library of documents and recorded webinars.

Providing these leading-edge digital functionalities facilitates research and development with our customers, prospects and partners who turn to Sartomer as an experienced provider of innovative materials solutions and industry knowledge. We are leveraging the power of digital to enable advanced online services and customer intimacy, as a new step of our digital roadmap and strategy.

The site is designed to easily and thoroughly provide information that helps customers develop next-generation products, increase efficiency and improve time to market. It includes a dedicated section on sustainability where customers can learn about our commitment to sustainable technologies, including safer products, renewable-based solutions, regulatory support and responsible manufacturing, to drive together healthy and environmentally safer innovation. 

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