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PRO14729, PRO14730 and PRO14731 are UV-curable resins capable of providing a dielectric constant (Dk) of ≤ 3.0 and a dissipation factor (Df) of ≤ 0.0032. They are designed for use in electronics, antenna elements, radomes, lenses, copper clad laminates, B-staging, server storage and IOT applications. 

As 3D printing is transforming electronics applications to meet demands of improved performance, functionality and speed to market, we are continuously working to develop materials technologies that optimize electrical performance as well as thermal and mechanical. To meet the growing electronic market’s specific needs, we have invested in a dedicated team of electronics specialists.

These new ultra-low dielectric loss materials are part of a growing portfolio of UV-curable solutions for electronics, the first of many innovations in our product range to support this emerging industry.

Sartomer will present these new resins to the 3D printing market at the in-person Formnext 2021 event November 16-19 at Arkema’s booth in Hall 12.1 F119.

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