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Arkema is delighted to launch this new joint laboratory with the CNRS and the University of Haute-Alsace to accelerate our fruitful collaboration. The evolution of photopolymerization techniques favor more efficient and sustainable processes, materials and solutions, in line with Arkema's strategy."

Our goal is to design more sustainable specialty photopolymer materials for applications such as adhesives, 3D printing, composites, electronics, and coatings, focusing on new market developments like new energies, clean mobility, home efficiency, and lightweight materials. This initiative will support us to offer better sustainability throughout the value chain.”

Arkema has a long history of designing and marketing specialty materials for photopolymerization, through its flagship Sartomer® product line, and custom formulations for 3D printing, through its N3xtDimension® product line. UV-curable specialties are leading solutions and one of Arkema key low VOC technologies, together with waterborne, high solid and powder. 

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