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 As a global market-leading chemical supplier, responsible manufacturing is at the heart of our business and a key focus at every site of ours around the world.  Our top priorities are the safety of our people and processes, community health and reducing our environmental footprint. We are committed to making Sartomer one of the safest companies in the world. 

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Quality management

We care about the environment and the quality of our products and we proactively engage in a wide range of programs to protect the environment and maintain consistent high quality of your products. 

Our quality management systems, evaluated on a regular basis, are adapted to each activity, and are based on the definition of improvement objectives, the implementation of action plans, the measurement of the results achieved, and the related control. 

Responsible Care®

As a member of the American Chemistry Council, Arkema Inc. is committed to the principles of Responsible Care®. Responsible Care® , a global initiative, is the chemical manufacturing industry’s environmental, health, safety, & security performance governing system. ​

Companies that implement Responsible Care® end up seeing improved safety records that are almost 3 times better than the chemical industry overall.

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Manufacturing certifications

The Arkema Integrated Management System (AIMS) combines in a single audit all the audits performed by the Arkema group in relation to safety, the environment and quality. It combines the requirements specific to the Arkema group and to relevant norms (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001).

Find our site certifications related to various Quality Management System standards below. 

Handling and Storage Safety Sheet

This two page flyer provides information on:

  • Proper storage of Sartomer monomers and oligomers

  • Heating precautions and warnings

**Remember to always consult the SDS**

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Our plant achievements and recognition

Managing our activities as a responsible market leader

In 2020, we acknowledged a “double zero” safety record at its combined plant’s R&D centers and headquarters around the world.  This achievement signified one full year with zero safety incidents in two Company categories: no recordable injuries and no major process safety events. 

We attained this accomplishment thanks to a strong commitment to its continuous improvement program as part of its corporate social responsibility business model.

Both of our US plants achieved the U.S. Occupation Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) “Star” status under the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) in 2019.

We are extremely grateful to our teams for their dedication to a culture of workplace safety. Their commitment has allowed us to reach the highest level of safety in our industry – a standard that is important not only to our team members, but to our customers and partners around the world.