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MCure® products can be used as reactive diluents and modifiers for Bis A, Bis F, and novolac epoxy based resins and fillers in the “Part A” resin side. Due to their rapid reaction and their excellent diluting effect, MCure® products help the formulator in producing low VOC systems required by specific applications, overcoming the disadvantages of typical glycidyl ether diluents/modifiers. The amine hardener represents “Part B” of the full system.


Specially designed to develop superior properties for two-part amine curable epoxy systems:

  • Boost reactivity - low temperature cure for extended coating window, accelerated return to service

  • Meet VOC targets without losing initial properties

  • Upgrade performance of conventional systems: reduce amine blush, flexibilize adhesives and coatings, improve substrate wetting characteristics

  • Reduce formulation viscosity without property loss

  • Enhance durability: hot tire pickup resistance, intercoat adhesion, abrasion and UV resistance


Fine tune reactivity and flexibility

Cure speed evolves proportionally to functionality. MCure® products give viscosity control without property loss.
Compared to DGEBA epoxy, MCure® reactive diluents provide higher elongation and impact resistance, to enhance the mechanical properties of your resin.

Reduce amine blush

At the surface, the amine reacts with CO2 and moisture to form carbamate salts. Consequence is a failed coating with a waxy finish, water spotting and delamination.
MCure® products help prevent and reduce amine blush, for longer-lasting coatings.

A preferable alternative to glycidyl ethers

MCure® products are time-efficient alternatives to glycidyl ethers, traditionally used in bi-component epoxy/amine systems.

Compared to glycidyl ethers, MCure® demonstrate:

  • Lower exotherm

  • Faster cure

  • Low shrinkage

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