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Reaching new levels of durability and resilience with additive technology

Our Advanced Resins, a masterbatch of liquid core-shell impact modifier in methacrylic resins, are easy to use and offer significant performance advantages to formulators. 

These new pre-dispersed resins help balance the give-and-take between hardness and flexibility, enabling high-performance materials that are able to withstand the most demanding requirements of thermoset applications.


Key benefits

  • Easy to disperse

  • Increase flexibility while maintaining hardness

  • Better curing properties:

    • Less shrinkage

    • Less exotherm

    • Less cracking

Liquid resin

New Advanced Resin

Our difunctional crosslinker AR210Y30 is ideal for use in even the most demanding thermoset applications and delivers high-performance:

  • Improved impact

  • Increased flexibility

  • Crack reduction

  • Reduced shrinkage

  • Less heat generation

Download the Advanced Resins for Toughening technical bulletin

Access exclusive technical content, including:

  • Notched Impact Resistance

  • Direct Impact Resistance

  • Indirect Impact Resistance 

  • Flexural Modulus 

  • Hardness

  • Heat of Reaction

  • Shrinkage

  • Thermal Cure

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Performance data

Improved impact and flexibility without sacrificing hardness
Increasing the amount of Advanced Resin results in a change in the fracture behavior

Partner with us

Our expert technical team is offering the opportunity to expand this technology into alternative acrylate or methacrylate monomers.


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