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With many years of leadership as a specialty acrylates supplier, Arkema, through its Sartomer® product line, has been faced with constant changing regulatory environments. Through these changes, we have learned how to adjust our offerings to anticipate what is coming next within the regulatory landscape. This expertise, together with strong chemical knowledge, makes us a valuable partner to work with you through the more stringent requirements of current regulations and those to come, including indirect food contact and low extractables solutions.

Solutions for low migration

A new range of specialty acrylates assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Compliance towards food packaging regulations including:
    • Swiss Ordinance
    • Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks
    • EuPIA guidelines
  • Tendency for migration
  • Composition of the finished product
  • Presence of NIAS (non-intentionally added substances)
  • Wide range of physical properties

Compliance with challenging regulations and directives

Many influential brand owners are recommending to restrict some chemicals for use in consumer goods. All along the supply chain, industrial players are trying to find alternatives to these potentially dangerous substances like:

  • BisphenolA
  • Organotin
  • NVC 

Performance and advantages

These advanced low migration products enable formulators to achieve performance properties, such as: 

  • Enhanced adhesion on to a wide variety of substrates
  • Flexibility
  • Hardness
  • Chemical resistance


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