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Why should you choose UV-curable 3D printing? 

Our range of products serve multiple vat printing technologies, including Stereolithography (SLA), Digital Light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Binder Jetting (BJ) and Multijet Printing (MJP).  

3D printing with liquid resins offers several advantages. Firstly, it enables an exceptionally high level of detail, ensuring precise and accurate prints down to the finest features as well as an excellent surface finish after cleaning and post processing. Additionally, liquid resins provide exceptional transparency, allowing for the creation of clear and see-through parts for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Lastly, liquid resin 3D printing requires a relatively low equipment investment compared to other printing technologies, making it a cost-effective choice. Trust in our expertise and choose liquid resin 3D printing for superior quality results. 

Accelerating Production: Transitioning from Prototyping to Mass Manufacturing  

The advent of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, has revolutionized the production landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for accelerating the transition from prototyping to mass manufacturing. This technology brings forth a multitude of advantages, including reduced conception time, inventory optimization, customization capabilities, streamlined assembly processes, and the potential for decentralized manufacturing. 

Reduced conception time and inventory: Additive manufacturing accelerates the prototyping phase by providing a quick and cost-effective method for creating physical models, leading to significant time savings. With on-demand production capabilities, 3D printing allows manufacturers to create products as needed, minimizing inventory and storage costs. This technology also facilitates customization and personalization, eliminating the need for pre-manufactured goods and reducing inventory requirements. 

Customization and freedom of design: 3D printing enables customization and freedom of design by allowing objects to be built layer by layer based on digital designs. This eliminates design constraints and enables the creation of intricate and complex geometries that would be challenging with traditional manufacturing methods. The rapid iteration and prototyping capabilities of 3D printing facilitate faster feedback loops and enable designers to refine their ideas efficiently. 3D printing thus empowers businesses to offer highly customized and individualized products, combining the efficiency of mass production with personalization. 

Lightweight, complex parts and reduced assembly process: By leveraging 3D printing technology, designers can optimize part designs for weight reduction, consolidate multiple components into a single part, create intricate and functional geometries, simplify assembly processes, and eliminate the need for complex tooling. 

Decentralized manufacturing: 3D printing enables decentralized manufacturing by leveraging digital file sharing, localized production, customization and personalization, on-demand manufacturing, reduced supply chain dependency, and democratization of manufacturing. With 3D printing, products can be manufactured anywhere with access to a 3D printer and digital design files, eliminating the need for centralized production facilities. Localized production reduces transportation costs, carbon emissions, and lead times. 

Elevate Your Products thanks to Customization at the Material Level 

Successful adoption of 3D printing technologies for mass manufacturing requires close partnerships across hardware, software, and materials providers. One of the key levers to ensure the continued growth of UV-curable 3D printing is tailored materials. With engineered custom solutions, along with expert formulations and application support, end users can move beyond past performance limitations to stay at the forefront of liquid resins 3D printing technology. 

N3xtDimension® solutions for UV 3D printing

Arkema, through its N3xtDimension® product line, is a pioneer in designing advanced liquid resins for energy-curable additive manufacturing. Our expertise in formulations and material development to push additive manufacturing to the next level, includes: 

  • Synthesize custom structures
  • Design advanced thermosetting resins
  • Fulfill regulatory requirements
  • Engage in collaborative development to bring solutions tailored to mass manufacturing

Our customer-specific product development can serve high-performance applications such as aerospace, automotive , consumer goods, dental/medical, electronics and industrial.

The N3xtDimension® product library of formulations and tailored solutions offers highly transparent, low viscosity materials for improved dimensional accuracy, printing speed and optimal productivity. Products benefit from friendly labelling and are easy to handle, enabling the highest resolution through low printing thicknesses.


Pushing the boundaries of material performance

Boulder, CO

Offering our customers broader expertise and state of the art formulation and material development

  • Specializing in custom formulation and materials development support

  • Capabilities for small scale manufacturing of formulated resins

  • Library of in-house, cutting edge 3D printing hardware

  • Access to new chemistries in 3D printing resin development

  • Enabling faster product development cycle and time to market


Americas - Exton, PA, USA

Offering a collaborative space for chemists and application engineers to work together to solve unmet material challenges of the industry and an innovation hub for partnerships and joint project work
  • Dedicated wet chemistry labs for synthesis of new materials and formulation studies
  • Advanced analytical and thermo-mechanical testing equipment allowing robust materials characterization
  • Capability to address technical needs ranging from new molecules to customer-end uses
  • Suite of 3D printers of major photocure technologies (SLA, DLP, MJP) to support customer projects and use as development tool

Europe - Verneuil, France

  • Foster collaborations with partners in Europe

  • Solve additive manufacturing material challenges 

  • Leveraging strong synthesis, analytical and formulation capabilities

  • Test material performance

  • Develop high performance materials for a wide variety of applications and industries



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