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Arkema is a market leader in the development of liquid resins for UV curable additive manufacturing, offering a comprehensive range of products that push the technology forward.

Our products serve multiple printing technologies including LCD, DLP, SLA, IJ, BJ, and MJP

From prototyping to mass production

  • Reduced conception time and inventory
  • Customization and freedom of design
  • Lightweight, complex parts and reduced assembly process
  • Decentralized manufacturing

Customization at the material level

Successful adoption of additive manufacturing technologies for mass manufacturing requires close partnerships across hardware, software, and materials providers. One of the key catalysts to ensure the continued growth of 3D printing is tailored materials. With engineered custom solutions, along with expert formulations and applications support, end users can move beyond past performance limitations to be at the forefront of 3D printing technology.

Market-leading solutions for 3D Printing

Arkema, through its N3xtDimension® product lines, is a pioneer in designing advanced liquid resins for energy-curable additive manufacturing. Arkema is uniquely positioned to build innovative liquid resins specifically designed to address the challenges of the industry. We can synthesize custom structures, deliver advanced thermosetting resins, and engage in collaborative development to bring solutions tailored to mass manufacturing.  


High-performance applications

We can provide expertise on a variety of diverse applications for UV-curable 3D printing resins:

  • Aerospace prototyping
  • Automotive
  • Consumer goods
  • Dental/medical
  • Electronics
  • Industrial

Leveraging strategic partnerships

Unlocking new opportunities in additive manufacturing is a collaborative effort that brings together technologies and expertise to identify needs and create comprehensive solutions along the product development process. These close partnerships are at the heart of successful adoption of 3D printing on a mass manufacturing scale.

Collaborative innovation

Partner with us for your 3D materials

The dedicated development team for UV resins in our Exton, Pennsylvania Center of Excellence is available to help you achieve tailor-made materials to address your specific application challenges.

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