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Arkema is a pioneer in designing advanced liquid resins for energy-curable additive manufacturing. Decades of supporting the 3D printing industry allows us to be uniquely positioned to build innovative liquid resins specifically designed to address challenges of the industry. We can synthesize custom structures, deliver advanced thermosetting resins, and engage in collaborative development to bring solutions tailored to mass manufacturing.

N3xtDimension® materials for 3D printing

Offering formulations and material development to push additive manufacturing to the next level

Technical Data Sheets

Our new, robust technical data sheets for N3xtDimension® materials contain over 70 unique data points in line with ASTM or ISO test methods. We also provide printing and post curing conditions, tailored application data and photos of printed parts.

N3xtDimension® Brochure

Discover our complete range of over 10 formulations for UV-Curable 3D printing, enabling key properties:

  • High temperature
  • Dental modeling
  • Casting
  • Toughness
  • High strength 


Bio-based formulations

Arkema now offers a bio-based line of 3D custom formulations under the N3xtDimension® offering. These formulations are an embodiment of our commitment to a more sustainable future - where we not only envision a better future, but we actively create it. 

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Market solutions: UV-curable 3D printing

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Product range: 3D printing

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Partnerships: Our 3D partners

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Easy 3D: Online ordering platform

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Easy3D on-demand service platform

A digital platform for advanced material recommendations and on-demand development, now bringing you access to all of Arkema's 3D printing technologies.

Users can experience the easy adoption of UV-curable liquid resin materials and reach qualified suppliers with this end-to-end 3D printing technology solution.  


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