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Discover unique and proprietary scorch protected coagents through the SARET range, providing improved scorch safety while maintaining cure rate and performance.

Our high-performance functional additives are capable of reacting with peroxide and sulfur vulcanized systems, and are used to enhance the processability, cure kinetics, and mechanical/dynamic properties of peroxide-cured elastomer, thermoplastic, and thermoplastic elastomer compounds. 


Optimal compound's cure and processing

The high reactivity of Sartomer® (meth)acrylate based coagents bring significant improvements to formulations:

  • Higher cure rate to optimize productivity
  • Improved state of cure to maximize the compound final performance

Superior properties for rubber compounds

The high reactivity of our unique SARET® SR517 enables very efficient crosslinking reactions to obtain:

  • Compounds with enhanced modulus, hardness and compression set
  • An excellent balance of mechanical properties compared to compounds without coagents or with TAC*


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