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Optimize the performance of your systems

The unique chemistries of Sartomer® (meth)acrylates will provide your composite and gelcoat systems with optimized properties and durability:

  • High flexibility
  • Improved temperature resistance
  • Improved toughness and Young modulus


Low VOC resins

Our high performance reactive diluents enable reduced styrene and MMA contents in composite and gelcoat systems through:

  • Low volatility
  • High cutting power
  • Good reactivity
  • Optimized mechanical performance

Dedicated markets

Move to low styrene solutions for your composite and gelcoat applications

  • Building & Construction

  • Energy industry

  • Transportation

  • Marine

  • Industrial appliances

  • Electronics

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acrylate resins

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Specialty methacrylate resins

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Bio-based resins

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Crosslinkers for hybrid epoxy systems

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Arkema’s offering for composites and advanced materials

The Sartomer® product line is part of Arkema’s broad range of solutions for composites and advanced materials, with dedicated R&D and Centers of Excellence to continue developments of high performing composite materials for demanding industries.  Arkema's composites offering include bio-based, liquid resins and polymers that improve performance and strength of your composites and additives to improve the intrinsic properties of composite materials.

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