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Solutions with no intentionally added tin

Tin compounds are more and more subject to public awareness:

  • DBTL classified reprotoxic1B
  • DOTL on-going proposal by member state Sweden to change classification to reprotoxic1B
  • IKEA bans all compounds containing Sn-C bond

We can offer products to respond to the formulators and brand-owners concerns regarding organotin and metal compounds with no intentionally added tin solutions.

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TMPTA-free alternatives

In 2022, TMPTA (Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate), a multifunctional acrylate monomer, and TMPTA-containing mixtures were listed on the California Prop 65 and classified as a Carcinogen – Category 2 (H351) in Europe and USA. Fortunately, we offer various TMPTA alternatives for your industrial coatings or food packaging applications.

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Responsible solutions for nail care

We offer a dedicated product range of Sartomer® specialty acrylate and methacrylate monomers and oligomers for nail care applications that enable our customers to meet their goals of responsible innovation and sustainability. Our commitment is to empower our partners to exceed their performance targets without compromising competitiveness, safety, and the environment.

Solutions for advanced performance

Formulation components

Application and removal

Wear performance

  • HSE compliant based products

  • Suitable for base, color and top coatings, UV/LED gel polish and builder gel

  • Easy to formulate

  • Exceptional freedom of design with wide range of properties

  • UV, LED and peroxide curing

  • Low heat emission

  • Good surface cure

  • Good cure speed

  • Good levelling

  • Fast soak-off

  • Good adhesion

  • Good balance of toughness and flexibility

  • High scratch resistance

  • Non-yellowing

  • High gloss


Designing products with a responsible approach

Our products meet high quality standards and responsible regulations:

  • No CMR-substances
  • HQ and MEHQ use restrictions
  • Heavy metals and B, T, X limitation
  • No sensitizing monomers or 1A oligomers
  • Minimal residuals

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  • Formulation expertise
  • Optimal application & removal
  • Superior wear performance

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