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Ultra-low loss resins for 3D printing and advanced electronic applications

N3xtDimension® UV-curable resins for ultra-low loss
Electrical Property PRO14729 PRO14730 PRO14731
Dielectric Constant
(10 GHz)
2.61 2.60 2.59
Dielectric Constant
(1 kHz)
2.91 2.92 2.98
Dissipation Factor
(10 GHz)
0.0028 0.0029 0.0030

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For more information and dielectric data, including:
  • Breakdown strength (V/μm)
  • Volume resistivity (Ω*cm)
  • Surface resistivity (Ω/□)
  • CTE 20°C (above Tg/below Tg) (μm/m*C)
  • Tα (°C), DMA
  • Td onset (°C), TGA
  • Moisture absorption (%)
  • Recommended  printer type
  • Recommended  printing  conditions
  • Recommended  post-curing  conditions
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Full service support

We understand that UV-curable electronic materials require a unique set of expertise. Our dedicated electronics team is ready to offer our knowledge and support, from product and process development, to scale up and internal electrical testing. 

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