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Specialty acrylate resins for performance UV-curable coatings

UV, UV LED and EB cured systems often outperform traditional coatings in many applications. With Sartomer® specialty acrylates, formulators can develop innovative and customized solutions for various market needs:

  • interior and outdoor coatings
  • flexible to very hard coatings
  • haptic (touchable) surfaces
  • excellent adhesion on wood, metal, glass and a wide variety of plastics

and achieve advanced properties in cosmetic, automotive, electronic and industrial applications.

Our experts can address your needs with our full range of monomers and oligomers to give the best performances to your formulations.

Bio-based solutions

Arkema embraces the key sustainability trends driving the Coatings market. With the Sarbio® range of specialty acrylates and methacrylates based on bio-based raw materials, end-users can enjoy high quality and technical performance with an improved carbon footprint. 


Brochure: UV/LED/EB Industrial Coatings 

ARKEMA offers a market-leading range of solutions for industrial coatings applications to help customers and partners develop innovative solutions that achieve advanced properties. ARKEMA, through it's SARTOMER® product line, is a pioneer in developing radiation curable resins and helps develop customized solutions to enable solvent-free solutions with improved performance for very diverse application needs.

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Arkema coating materials

The Sartomer® product line is part of Arkema's broad range of solutions for the coatings market. From indoor to outdoor, Arkema can provide high performance solutions. Innovative and versatile design to boost your creativity. Respecting valuable natural resources for future generations. 

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