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Arkema, a global leader in specialty materials, is set to showcase a unique portfolio of solutions for electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage system (ESS) battery systems at the upcoming Battery Show Europe 2024 in Stuttgart, Germany, June 18-20. For decades, the company has been supporting the battery industry through every stage of its evolution, by providing innovations for inside and outside the cell.

Discover the unique offering of high performance and sustainable materials for the core and exterior of battery cells at Booth #8-F10.

Arkema offers a unique and wide range of specialty materials, coatings and adhesives designed for both internal and external battery cell applications, supported by robust global manufacturing and supply capabilities.

Innovation and investments for future generation batteries

Arkema’s extensive global R&D network is focused on advancing material solutions to meet the demands of emerging technologies such as high silicone lithium-ion, sodium-ion, semisolid, and all-solid-state batteries.

Additionally, Arkema is investing significant R&D efforts into advancing dry process battery technologies, aiming to enhance energy storage efficiency and sustainability. Developments include innovative polymer materials and high-performance electrolytes.

Arkema announced investments in 2 start-ups to strengthens its position as the partner of choice for co-developing the safer, more efficient and more sustainable batteries of the future:

  • Tiamat, a pioneer in sodium-ion battery technology, will accelerate Arkema’s development of technical solutions adapted to new lithium-free technologies.
  • Proionic, a leading Austrian start-up in the production and development of ionic liquids compatible with gel polymer electrolytes for semisolid batteries.



Arkema continuously invests to be at the forefront of innovation to help develop and industrialize the next generations of batteries. It is our responsibility, as a global leader in specialty materials, to co-develop new solutions with our partners to help increase energy density and battery lifespan, enhance battery efficiency and improve their safety.

Inside the cell

Outside the cell

Arkema's material offering for batteries

This offering includes Kynar® PVDF cell cathode binders and separator coating, Incellion™ acrylic based binders and additives for anode, separator and primer, Foranext® Ultra-pure LiFSI salt and LiTDI additives for electrolytes, Graphistrength® conductive additives, Bostik adhesives, Polytec PT Thermal Interface Materials, Rilsan® Polyamide 11 for EV busbar insulation and cooling lines, Keptan® PEKK and Polyimide films, and Sartomer® UV curable solutions for insulation.

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