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Arkema has been working with leading players in the battery market for over 15 years to develop innovative solutions to support breakthrough developments within and outside the battery cell. Arkema will present a range of unique solutions and technologies at the upcoming China International Battery Fair (CIBF), April 27-29, in ChongQing, China (Hall N2 Booth #B205).

Arkema strives to provide solutions increasing energy density, charging time, battery lifespan, manufacturing efficiency, safety and recycling. Batteries manufacturers can count on Arkema’s Acrylic/PVDF/UV/EB specialty materials and adhesives combined offer to develop next generation of batteries, as well as new technologies such as dry process, semi-solid or solid state.

As a trusted partner to the battery industry, we are committed to driving innovation and delivering value-added solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers,” said Woldemar d’Ambrieres, Global Market Manager, Batteries at Arkema. “We look forward to engaging with industry stakeholders and demonstrating how Arkema can contribute to the advancement of battery technology."

Inside the battery cell

Inside the cell, Arkema will showcase its portfolio of cutting-edge solutions with its range of INCELLION™ waterborne acrylic solutions tailored for high-capacity anodes, cathode primers, and ceramic-coated separators. With KYNAR® PVDF-based electrode binders and separator coatings, along with FORANEXT® electrolyte salts, battery producers are able to develop the next generations of batteries.

Outside the battery cell

Customers can leverage the entire range of complementary solutions within the Arkema portfolio.

  • Bostik smart adhesives help producers efficiently assemble the cells-to-cells and cells-to-module while contributing to a better thermal management of the battery.
  • For optimum battery performances, managing the temperature is key. Arkema’s OLERIS® material is 100% bio-based, derived from renewable castor oil and enhances dielectric fluids in battery direct liquid immersion cooling systems.
  • To ensure safe and efficient electrical insulation, RILSAN® Polyamide 11 offers superior busbar insulation, while Polyimide films provide a reliable solution for heat control and slow thermal runaway. Insulating battery cells is also faster, more efficient and less carbon intensive thanks to SARTOMER® solvent free UV curable specialties which provide excellent dielectric properties, adhesion and flexibility. Arkema also provides powder resin solutions for intumescent fire-retardant coatings.
  • Protection of the pack is key for the safety and the durability of the battery. Arkema’s ELIUM® thermoplastic resins are ideal for casing designs in composites. Once coated with paints formulated from our resins and additives, battery packs are better protected from corrosion, stone impacts or even fire.   

Visit Arkema in Hall N2 at Booth #B205 during CIBF to learn more about our latest advancements in battery solutions. 

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