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Arkema, a leader in specialty materials, announces another significant milestone in the decarbonization of its acrylic production chain worldwide, as the company obtains ISCC PLUS certification for its acrylic monomers production facility located in Clear Lake, Texas (US), following same certifications in Taixing, China (January 2024) and Carling, France (October 2022).

We are committed to advancing bio-attributed initiatives, using a mass balance* approach, through all steps of Arkema’s integration and at a global scale. It is another key milestone towards an industry-wide decarbonization and circularity efforts that will help our customers and end users reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coatings and adhesives for key markets like new mobility, building efficiency and living comfort; as well as in applications like engineered polymers, leather, textile, hygiene and water treatment.”  

These certifications support the progressive introduction of a complete range of bio-attributed specialty resins and additives for lower VOC and lower carbon intensive technologies including high solid, waterborne, UV/LED, and polyester powders.

To learn more about mass balance and other ISCC PLUS certifications announcements from Arkema Coating Solutions:

Villers-Saint-Paul, France Taixing, China Carling, France   


* Mass Balance: Mass balance chain of custody is designed to track the total amount of the content in scope through the production system and ensure an appropriate allocation of this content to the finished goods based on auditable bookkeeping. Property conservation principle is set to ensure that the total certified output does not exceed its original input and take into account the appropriate conversion losses and production / assembly ratios.  “The ISSC+ certification of the whole supply chain guarantees that the origin of the renewable sources meets ISCC+ standards for sustainable feedstocks.