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Arkema, a world leader in specialty materials, will feature a range of sustainability-focused initiatives and recent partnerships across the 3D printing industry at the upcoming RAPID+TCT 2024 show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, June 25-27, Booth #2921. Arkema offers a wide range of solutions and materials for 3D printing applications, with a focus on industrial manufacturing, transportation, dental, medical and consumer goods markets. 

Arkema is developing new 3D printing materials and announcing industry partnerships to align with the company’s sustainability goals, and to further enable industrial efficiency and a more sustainable lifestyle. At RAPID+TCT, we will showcase partnerships and products designed to improve recyclability, enhance bio-content and optimize the durability and performance of 3D printed materials.

Sustainability through innovation

At RAPID+TCT, Arkema will showcase how existing and new product initiatives support the company’s decarbonization and circularity goals


  • High-efficiency bio-based UV oligomers, including Sarbio® 7405 toughening oligomer with 50% bio-content that offers an excellent balance between hardness and flexibility, and Sarbio® 7407 highly flexible oligomer with 75% bio-content that enables high elastomeric performance.
  • High-performance bio-based UV formulation, N3xtDimension® N3D-PR184-BIO industrial and consumer modeling material with 53% bio-content that exhibits stiffness, accuracy, resolution and easy processability.
  • Low carbon footprint bio-based Rilsan® polyamide 11 powders for Laser Sintering may reach less than 2 kg CO2e/kg, by using renewable or low carbon energy sources and by making several energy efficiency improvements in its production sites.


  • Highly Reusable Thermoplastic PA12 Powders, enabling the HP 3D HR PA12S launch from HP. Thanks to its higher powder reusability and unique smoothness properties, the HP 3D HR PA 12 S enabled by Arkema offers parts with highly competitive cost and excellent surface finish for HP MJF technology.
  • Mass Balance* certification across the value chain, enabling customers to decarbonize and accelerate their own sustainability goals. This certification includes multiple production sites worldwide with ISCC+ certification.

* Mass Balance: Mass balance chain of custody is designed to track the total amount of the content in scope through the production system and ensure an appropriate allocation of this content to the finished goods based on auditable bookkeeping. Property conservation principle is set to ensure that the total certified output does not exceed its original input and take into account the appropriate conversion losses and production / assembly ratios. The ISSC+ certification of the whole supply chain guarantees that the origin of the renewable sources meets ISCC+ standards for sustainable feedstocks.

Sustainability through partnership

Arkema will also display multiple partnerships and recent acquisitions that support the company’s strategic approach to the market and expand the network of partnerships and service bureaus in North America.

Arkema materials are now compatible with Asiga, a leading 3D printer manufacturer, to offer high-performance N3xtDimension® custom formulations for use in applications such as modeling with bio-renewable based materials, industrial and jewelry additive manufacturing. Compatible materials include N3D-PR184-BIO, N3D-HT511, N3D-TOUGH784, N3D-CAST245, and N3D-DMT303.


A joint development partnership with leading Industrial 3D printer manufacturer Raplas in the UK to offer a range of high-performance N3xtDimension® custom formulations for use in Raplas’ large format stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers. Raplas uses casting material from Arkema, such as RR102-DC, and tuned for open large format SLA printers, offering very low viscosity, low ash content, no antimony, no phosphorous and excellent green strength.


FABULOUS now offers its certified food-safe DETECT and BLUECARE SLS powders based on Arkema's PA11, to the North American region. This expansion comes after the successful extension of their international patent to include the United States, ensuring the availability of food-safe material in the region. 

RMB Products becomes the first service bureau in NA region printing with Arkema’s ultra-high-performance materials Kepstan® PEKK and Kynar® PVDF for SLS 3D printing. Kepstan® PEKK SLS is enabled by Advanced Laser Material’s HT-23, HT-25, and PEKK-100 products using the versatile Integra P450, with material processing up to 300°C. RMB Products provides custom manufacturing and engineered solutions focused on aerospace, corrosion resistance and high-purity applications. 

 A partnership with Endeavor3D to become the first contract manufacturer in NA region to provide additive manufacturing solutions with HPs new PA 12S polyamide and possibility to design and print lighter, easier to assemble and less costly parts. 

A partnership with Markforged to launch VEGA™, a new ultra-high-performance filament produced with Arkema’s PEKK (Polyetherketoneketone) polymer, promising unparalleled strength and versatility for advanced additive manufacturing applications.

Arkema will also highlight the Easy3D digital platform that offers access to a powerful material selection tool for and reach to qualified suppliers on-demand 3d printing services around the globe. This digital platform has been successfully developed in collaboration with German software provider 3YOURMIND. 


Arkema offers materials for multiple 3D printing technologies, including liquid resins for UV curing, thermoplastic powders for powder bed fusion and thermoplastic pellets for filament extrusion.

To learn more about Arkema’s 3D printing materials, visit booth# 2921 at RAPID+TCT from June 25-27.

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