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Sartomer® methacrylate oligomers are used in coatings, adhesives, 3D printing, composites, and more.

Our resins include epoxy acrylates, urethane acrylates, polyester acrylates, acrylated acrylics, and low viscosity oligomers, offering a wide range of properties which formulators can use to optimize performance. 

Methacrylate chemistry benefits

With their CH3 groups, methacrylates enable:
  • Controlled reactivity
  • Friendly labelling
  • High Tg 
  • High Young's modulus
  • Heat resistance

Tailored for performance

The Sartomer® methacrylate oligomer range can help to reach your desired set of properties. 

Epoxy methacrylates

  • Chemical/heat resistance
  • Reactivity
  • High toughness and gloss
  • High viscosity

Epoxy acrylates

Polyester acrylates

Polyester acrylates

  • Low viscosity
  • Good pigment wetting and water balance
  • Cost & performance balance

Urethane methacrylates

  • Very high mechanical performance

  • Aliphatic structures for outdoor durability 

Urethane acrylates

Amine modified acrylates




Amine modified acrylates

  • Accelerates cure speed
  • Aid in preventing oxygen inhibition
  • Low odor

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