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Amidst rising and fluctuating energy expenses, increasingly stringent emission regulations, and an overall drive for environmentally conscious manufacturing practices, many finishing experts are seeking solvent-free curing solutions. We offer diverse materials for various curing technologies, empowering our customers to reduce their energy consumption and adopt more sustainable practices.

Coil Coatings: Challenge

Precoated metal offers a multitude of advantages, ranging from enhanced aesthetics to economic efficiencies, making it the preferred substrate across a broad spectrum of construction applications.

In efforts to decarbonize the industry, coil coating players are championing UV/EB coating technology as a transformative force. As per the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA), UV/EB curing technology has the potential to cut energy consumption by at least 60% compared to conventional methods.

As a pioneer in energy curing systems, Arkema supports this transition with a full range of high performing solutions suited to UV/EB coating technologies.

Market expectations

Lower impact on environment

down stream-espace_RVB.jpg

Higher throughput process

Aesthetic & functional properties

Sustainable performance

At least 60% of energy savings*

*ECCA, Zero Carbon coil coating line: The way forward 

Reduced material use as extended surface coverage 

Technical performance

100% Active content

2X surface coverage per kg of paint compared to conventional systems + similar coating performance

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