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Advanced Resins empowered by additive technology to fine-tune performance. Offering masterbatches of impact modifier in thermoset resins, enabled by our pioneering specialty acrylate and methacrylate portfolio. 

What are Advanced Resins?

Reaching new levels of durability and resilience with additive technology

A masterbatch of liquid core-shell impact modifier in methacrylic resins: easy to use and offer significant performance advantages to formulators. 

These pre-dispersed resins help balance the give-and-take between hardness and flexibility, enabling high-performance materials that are able to withstand the most demanding requirements of thermoset applications.
Key benefits
  • Easy to disperse
  • Increase flexibility while maintaining hardness
  • Better curing properties:
    • Less shrinkage
    • Less exotherm
    • Less cracking

Performance benefits

Difunctional crosslinker designed for impact & toughness while maintaining hardness
AR210Y30 is ideal for use in even the most demanding thermoset applications and delivers high-performance:
  • Improved impact
  • Increased flexibility
  • Crack reduction
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Less heat generation

Download the technical bulletin

Technical bulletin: Sartomer® Advanced Resins for Toughening

  • Notched Impact Resistance

  • Direct Impact Resistance

  • Indirect Impact Resistance 

  • Flexural Modulus 

  • Hardness

  • Heat of Reaction

  • Shrinkage

  • Thermal Cure
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