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Amid the rising consumer demand for a more sustainable lifestyle, Health & Wellbeing is emerging as a primary concern. Consequently, a surge in digital applications evaluating the safety profile of consumer goods has emerged, guiding consumers towards more informed decisions.

For coatings & ink materials, the continuous drive to prioritize safety has led to a long-term trend of eliminating substances of concern and hazardous air pollutants. This transition has resulted in a shift from solvent-borne formulations to low VOC alternatives, such as waterborne, UV/EB, and powder resins.

Inks for Food Packaging: Challenge

In today's consumer landscape, food safety and health have become paramount considerations. Therefore, ensuring the safety of food packaging design is of utmost importance. Printing inks and varnishes used on packaging must meet rigorous safety standards while also offering robust resistance throughout their intended lifespan.
Arkema remains at the forefront of innovation in this area, expanding its range of low migration solutions tailored for indirect food packaging. The latest product grades incorporate multifunctionality, high molecular weight, and high reactivity, built for low-energy curing LED systems.


Market expectations

impact on

Product safety-espace_RVB.jpg




Sustainable performance

Reduced migration risk under LED

No migration by set off and no migration through the packaging

Technical performance

Better reactivity under LED 

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