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Sartomer® resins include unique solutions to revolutionize the pultrusion process of glass-reinforced polymer composite. Our offering of (meth)acrylate engineered solutions developed for UV and thermal radical polymerisation enables our customers to reach their desired material properties.

Benefits of Sartomer® solutions

These unique solutions for UV and thermal radical polymerization enable our customers to reach their desired material properties.


Pultrusion process

Pultrusion is considered as a fast, continuous manufacturing process for unidirectional, fiber-reinforced high-performance composite. Fibers are pulled from a creel through a resin bath and then cured and shaped through a die.

Technology benefits : cost saving, high productivity and light weight


Applications across industries

Sartomer® engineered resins find application across a spectrum of industries:

  • Construction: Reinforcing structural elements with high-strength pultruded materials for enhanced durability.

  • Transportation: Lightweight yet robust components for vehicles, contributing to fuel efficiency and overall performance.

  • Renewable Energy: Supporting the growth of sustainable energy solutions through innovative materials for wind energy applications.

A unique toolbox of advanced liquid resins to achieve your desired performances


Find the offering for UV curing pultrusion processes in your region

Find the offering for thermal curing pultrusion processes in your region

Interested in partnering with us for pultrusion formulations? 

Our dedicated team of experts can work with you to develop tailor-made resins for your specific challenges. 

  • Customized end-use materials
  • State-of-the-art testing facilities
  • Ability to service small to large packaging requirements
  • Global manufacturing and supply
  • Large portfolio of products and technologies


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