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Amid the increasing demand for safer solutions in coatings and inks, Arkema can offer a variety of solutions for LED curing with a reduced risk of migration. Speedcure 7010 offers high-performance and an improved sustainability profile in flexographic, offset & screen inks and industrial coatings.

Key benefits

Improved cure response under LED

Reduced risk of migration 

  • High molecular weight
  • UV & LED curing
  • Low migration
  • Non-ITX based polymer
  • Good flexibility
  • Low odor
  • Global availability
  • Sensitiser for LED cationic formulations

Physical properties

Appearance Cream to pale yellow solid
Active content  ≥ 97.75 % 
Total Monomeric Species Content (HPLC) ≤ 1.75 %w/w
Loss on Drying (60°C, 3 hours, 50-100mbar) : ≤ 0.5 %w/w
Gardner Colour (10%w/v Toluene) : ≤ 7.0

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  • Product Data
  • GC/MS Migration Data
  • Reactivity in a Digital Inkjet Ink
  • Cure speed with Hg Lamp
  • Cure speed with 395 nm LED

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