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The Arkema patent pending de-inking technology is an advanced approach to enable recyclability of plastic substrates with or without a removable primer. This innovation will support our customers in their journey to a more circular and sustainable future and enable more versatility in product development for the recycling of plastics.

What is De-inking technology?

The Future of Recycling: The Critical Role of De-inking in More Sustainable Printing

Sustainability is a crucial topic within the Graphic Arts industry. Improving inks or varnishes removal from materials to facilitate recycling, reducing waste, and preserving resources, is an important lever towards more sustainable packaging.

Arkema's new developments can enable better de-inking performance when used in UV-cured systems. Our experts are committed to address the challenge of de-inking plastic films. The technology targets the enhancement of the quality of recycled materials, contributing to more environmentally friendly printing practices.

Efficient recycling of plastics is an urgent topic.

  • 91% of global plastic waste is not recycled*
  • 37% of plastic wastes are left in the environment and not properly managed**
  • Global plastic use is predicted to triple by 2060***

* OECD Global Plastics Outlook 2022 / ** 2018 World Bank publication "What a Waste 2.0" / *** OECD Global Plastics Outlook Database

As outlined in the European Green Deal, all packaging in the European Union must be recyclable by 2030. Therefore, we need to find a way to come together across the value chain to support the solution to the recycling crisis. 

Tailored product development to ease recycling of plastics

Two approaches to remove acrylate films from plastic substrates:

Ink Modification: Monomers/oligomers loosening the network crosslinking density and/or able to bring weaknesses within the cured system


Primer Formulation: Monomers/oligomers for sacrificial layer having the necessary adhesion and the desired removability in selected conditions

Watch the webinar recording

Webinar: Enable Recyclability of Packaging with De-inking

Radtech Europe (October 2023)

Summary & Key takeaways

  • Sustainability: Enhance recycling and reduce waste in the Graphic Arts industry by improving how inks and varnishes are removed from materials.
  • Developments: Arkema introduces new methods for better de-inking of UV-cured systems, particularly for plastic films.
  • Environmental Impact: These innovations aim to improve the quality of recycled materials and promote more environmentally-friendly printing practices. 

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Sustainable innovation & expertise

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Arkema's dedicated UV resin and additives development teams are available to help you achieve tailor-made materials to address your specific application challenges. Our experts prioritize enhancing product safety, utilizing renewable resources, reducing energy consumption throughout the value chain and ensuring sustainable performances such as durability.


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