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"Structured" urethane acrylate oligomer architectures and patented use of controlled
polymer architecture to tailor materials properties

An innovative technology enabling unique performance profiles

Introducing structured urethane acrylates (SUA), a new class of acrylated urethane oligomers to help enhance and extend end properties of cured materials.

Unlike traditional urethane acrylates which are primarily end-functional (telechelic), the new SUA contain acrylate groups both on the oligomer ends and along the backbone of the resin (pendant). 

Key Benefits

  • Customizable properties
  • Balanced performance
  • Improved toughness
  • Fast time to market
  • Fast regulatory compliance

Download the technical bulletin: Structured Urethane Acrylates

Access exclusive content, including:

  • Detailed explanation of this new SUA technology 
  • Physical property comparison of SUA and UA products
  • Application data for inkjet formulations


Watch the webinar recording

Structured Urethane Acrylates and The Use of Controlled Polymer Architecture to Tailor Material Properties (SUA+) by Dr. Donald Herr

  • Newly developed synthetic pathways to “structured” urethane acrylate resins that possess both telechelic and pendant acrylate groups.
  • Data from our studies of how this novel polymer architecture impacts basic cured material properties such as modulus, elongation and shrinkage.
  • Examples describing the use of these new structured resins in formulated systems.

Collaborative innovation

Partner with us

Our technical team is ready to discuss how this technology can be tailored to your application and help you solve your challenges. 


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