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Discover our comprehensive range to substitute TMPTA, after regulations enforced mandatory labeling changes in U.S. and Europe. 

Changes in US and European regulations have resulted from an IARC update, coupled with input from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). California's legislation, known as Prop 65, has been notably altered as a consequence, designating TMPTA as a carcinogen effective from late 2022. Prop 65 emphasizes daily exposure rather than material concentration, obligating products containing TMPTA to display a warning label. Companies are now tasked with evaluating risk levels for TMPTA and TMPTA-containing mixtures, a challenge that organizations like Radtech are working to simplify for their members. The enforcement of Prop 65 is distinctive, often initiated by lawsuits from private entities.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the ECHA, influenced by IARC's findings, has updated its chemical regulations. Beginning in late 2023, TMPTA is classified as a Class 2 carcinogen and labeled as hazardous to aquatic life. This update mandates new labeling for any formulation with more than 0.1% TMPTA, marking a significant shift for the industry.

Regulatory evolution of TMPTA

Impacting TMPTA and TMPTA-containing mixtures

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